Personal Expression in Deck-Building

I have been having a bad time with Magic lately.

I don’t mean to say the game has gotten worse, or that I’m getting tired of it. I just mean I’ve been having bad games of Commander, feeling salty at my opponents, and feeling bad about myself as a player. For a while I thought it was bad luck, but I took a step back and looked at things objectively, and I’ve come to realize that it’s because of the way I build decks. I want to share what I’ve learned with you, so you can avoid or overcome similar pitfalls.

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Sundial of the Infinite

When it comes to really weird cards, you’ll find that we absolutely love them. Typically this relationship is not a healthy one; what conceivable way can we make this odd thing work? Viability be damned, I’m going to play this little weirdo. But within the heap of nonsense we consider, there are diamonds in the rough. One such uncut diamond is Sundial of the Infinite.

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Teysa Karlov

Today on Mind over Commander we’re going to take a different approach to this article series. Instead of giving a list to follow along with, we’re going to step through the process of outlining a structure for our Commander deck, based on the mechanical theme of the deck. This is hopefully going to get our creative deck-building juices flowing and teach us how to build a solid foundation for a Commander deck.

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Text-Changing Effects

I decided to write this article because I was inspired by the “Splice onto Instant or Sorcery” cards from Modern Horizons, and I want to build a Commander deck around the ability. Along with Modern Horizons came a rules change, which made Splice into a text-changing ability. I didn’t know what that meant, so I decided to dig into the topic and write this article in the process! Let’s learn something together.

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