Face-Down Creatures

Welcome back to Eye of the Stack! With Commander 2019 spoilers in full swing, I want to take this opportunity to dig into the rules about my favorite of the new decks: the face-down themed Sultai deck. This deck looks like it is mainly focused on Morph and Megamorph, but it also features cards with Manifest and Ixidron. All of these abilities use cards that are face-down to represent creatures, and today we’re going to explore exactly what that means. Let’s dig in!

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Hey everybody! Welcome back to Eye of the Stack. This time around, we’re not really tackling the card Regenerate but rather the keyword regenerate, as requested in this tweet. In the early days of Magic it was printed on cards that saw a lot of play, and people generally understood how it worked. However, the keyword has since been retired, so when it comes up in play some of the nuances can trip people up. In this article, I’m going to break down all the core concepts you need to know to be a regenerate expert!

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Mirrorweave, Part I

Hello everyone! It’s Bob, back with another gigantic rules headache of a card! Mirrorweave is a card with almost unlimited potential for weirdness. Lots of Magic cards create or become copies of something, but Mirrorweave turns some cards into different cards. This results in fun interactions that I hope will inspire you to come up with combos of your own!

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Precursor Golem

Today’s article is about everyone’s favorite rules headache, Precursor Golem. This spell-slinging simulacrum creates more interesting rules interactions than your average Standard-legal expansion, and today I’m going to explore a few of them which involve (il)legal targets and modal spells.

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