Ghired, Conclave Exile

Something you’ll learn about me as a player is that I’m quite a Selesnyan mage. I love tokens and token strategies, and while I don’t only own green and white decks, my strategies often look the same. My favorite mechanic is populate, and I’ve longed to build a Naya tokens deck but haven’t had the right Commander to do so. Now that Commander 2019 is here, I finally have a Naya Commander who populates!

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Bruse & Ikra

One of the first decks I ever built was Doran, the Siege Tower. Toughness matters and life gain were ingrained into its strategy and it was a blast to play. When four-color Commanders were dropped on us back in 2016, Doran had an identity crisis. Why stick to Abzan when you could introduce red? Thus, “Bruse and Ikra‘s Tough Love Shack” was born.

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Noyan Dar, Roil Shaper

A few weeks ago, Reddit user /u/Exkzol told me about a beautiful combo of cards. The combo, which I explain fully in this article, is to cast Mirrorweave targeting Contested War Zone which has been made into a creature. When you hit your opponent(s) with your creature-land, you get to take all their creatures! When I was done writing the article, I just couldn’t stop thinking about that sweet combo, so I got to work building a deck around it.

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Morophon, the Boundless

Have you ever had a tribe that just felt like it was missing something? Maybe you’ve built Minotaurs or Squirrels and just feel that they’re only jank and not worth the effort. Or maybe you’ve built a five color Changeling deck and realized that a tribe that is “all tribes” isn’t quite what you wanted. Well, thanks to Modern Horizons, Morophon, the Boundless is here to fix all your tribal woes.

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