Workshop Elders

Throne of Eldraine has arrived, and with it comes a plethora of fun new cards to try out. We could take time to break down what’s to come of the new Standard or Modern meta, but instead we’re going to focus on one of the more overlooked cards of the set.

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Mirage Mirror

The ability to copy cards often leads to things getting out of control. In Commander you are only allowed one copy of each non-basic land card in your deck, and as such copying things is the only way to have multiples of a card. What happens when we can copy something for two mana, repeatedly?

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One of the phrases a red player definitely doesn’t enjoy hearing is “prevent that damage.” Against the color with easily the most spells and abilities that deal damage directly, damage prevention can be a powerful ability. So why would a red player play a card that prevents all damage to players from their spells?

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Isochron Scepter

Today on Synergy Chamber, we’re headed back in time to Mirrodin block. Those were the days when spells were super-powerful and artifacts could do anything. It didn’t make for great competitive play, but it did give us a lot of weird combo toys to play with! Isochron Scepter is one such toy.

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Commander 2019

Gemstone Mining will normally focus on one obscure card with a bunch of different ways to use it, attempting to highlight how something seemingly mediocre can be potentially great. This week we’re going to focus on three different gems that synergize with some of the new Commanders from the upcoming Commander 2019 set!

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K’rrik, Son of Yawgmoth

Of all the cards that will be released with Commander 2019, K’rrik, Son of Yawgmoth has sparked the most discussion. Will he see play in eternal formats? Will he crush competitive commander and get banned? I’m not here to answer those questions! Today, we’re going to look at some ways to use K’rrik’s abilities that will leave your opponents thinking “…wow, there must have been a better way to accomplish that.”

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Death Pits of Rath

Killing your opponents’ creatures is something you typically want to be doing. A sizable creature or group of creatures can really hinder your progress, and if you’re unable to politically bargain your way out of a combat phase or two you’re probably up a creek without a paddle. Today’s gem is rude to any deck running creatures: Death Pits of Rath.

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Masterful Replication

When Commander 2018 was released, I immediately gravitated toward Brudiclad, Telchor Engineer to brew with. I wanted to gather a collection of innocuous tokens, then turn them all into something terrifying and win on the spot! The trick was having to create a token copy of whatever my win condition was. That’s why I was so excited when Masterful Replication was printed. It’s never a do-nothing spell thanks to its “two 3/3 Golems” choice, and you can copy any artifact without making a token first! This card has some scary potential, and it enables some very silly strategies. Let’s get into it!

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