Desecrated Tomb

Graveyard strategies are some of the most prevalent strategies in Magic. Whether you’re trying to dredge into Vengevine or use Past in Flames to storm off by casting things from your graveyard, it’s a powerful resource. But these strategies often focus on dumping things into your graveyard to produce some powerful effect. Our gem today, Desecrated Tomb, is a long-term value engine for being less ridiculous about your graveyard shenanigans.

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Hamletback Goliath

When considering what high mana cost cards to put into your deck, you have a ton of things to consider: Does it fit the strategy? Does it have an immediate impact? Does it help close out the game? Today’s focus is on a card that doesn’t have an immediate impact on its own but can get out of control quickly if left unanswered.

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Gibbering Descent

With Modern Horizons being essentially Future Sight 2.0, it got me thinking about the original Future Sight. The set had some unique mixtures of keywords and played in design space that wasn’t necessarily ever going to be played with again. Today’s card, Gibbering Descent, is a card that could’ve easily been designed in Modern Horizons.

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Mark of Sakiko

When it comes to enchanting creatures, there are plenty of ridiculous cards that we can use. The plethora of awesome Auras that are out there means some might get overlooked. Let’s talk about a really cool overlooked Aura that will surely spice up your next game night: Mark of Sakiko.

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