Morophon, the Boundless

Have you ever had a tribe that just felt like it was missing something? Maybe you’ve built Minotaurs or Squirrels and just feel that they’re only jank and not worth the effort. Or maybe you’ve built a five color Changeling deck and realized that a tribe that is “all tribes” isn’t quite what you wanted. Well, thanks to Modern Horizons, Morophon, the Boundless is here to fix all your tribal woes.

At first glance, Morophon is 7 mana for a lord effect and cost reduction that may or may not be relevant to what you’re attempting to cast. Maybe you’re running mono-white Angels and don’t quite see how reducing one of every color could benefit you. After all, Morophon just reduces all your spells by one white. 7 mana to make my Serra Angel a 4 mana 5/5 with Flying and Vigilance? Okay, thanks I guess.


Normally for this series we’d basically build you a deck that showcases some unique aspect of the Commander we’re reviewing. That is not the case this week since Morophon is so flexible. He can be the Commander of literally every tribal deck you own, turning it into a five-color deck and not even requiring you have all five colors in your mana-base. He just makes most of your spells cost their colorless portions, and reduces other spells to the point where running a four-color deck with only basic lands isn’t a crazy idea. Oh, and also there’s Fist of Suns.

Yes, this makes every tribal spell in your deck free. Want to run all those beefy Eldrazi but don’t want to pay full cost or all five-colors for them? Morophon and the Fist have you covered. Want to run Morophon as the Commander of the 2017 Dragon pre-con deck? You might be surprised how efficient that is.

It shouldn’t be ignored that Fist of Suns exists on a creature: Jodah, Archmage Eternal. Jodah is a good card because it doubles down on your total Fist of Suns effects in the deck, but he requires three different colors to cast. If you’re slotting Morophon in as the helm of an existing tribal deck that doesn’t run those three colors, he’s most likely not worth it. You’re better off running Trophy Mage, Fabricate, or Enlightened Tutor to tutor up the Fist.

This strategy is pretty great, but also leans heavily on Morophon being in play. It’s still “colorless” and so you don’t have to change any existing deck you decide to helm with Morophon. That’s the true beauty here: mono-white five-color can be a deck you make with Morophon (and is something a friend in my playgroup is currently doing).

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The next most obvious thing to discuss with Morophon is his synergy with Changelings. He is, after all, a Changeling Commander. If you’ve ever built a tribal deck you’ve most likely considered a host of Changelings for your deck. Whether you were ramping into elves in green and looked at Chameleon Colossus or run Mirror Entity simply because its ability is too good to pass up, you most likely know a few Changelings that were good enough for consideration. But the unfortunate reality is that Changelings are actually quite under-powered, even with all their new tech from Modern Horizons. Running five-color changelings is pretty janky, and we’re wanting to be a few tiers above pure jank. So unless one fits your strategy rather well, I’d still avoid them.

Anything Else?

Surprisingly, there isn’t too much else to add for good ol’ Morophon. He’s a pretty straight-forward card. What’s great about him is that his possibilities are nearly endless, allowing you to expand the colors of your tribal deck to whatever colors you would like. Running mono-green Elves but really want multiple attacks via cards like Aggravated Assault? Wanting to give your Angels infect or your Wizards trample? Morophon lets you do all of these things for a relatively simple change to your deck.

Ultimately, Morophon is a brewer’s paradise card. I think we wouldn’t be doing him any justice if we were to tell you how to build some random tribal deck with him. Instead, I just want to encourage slapping him into the helm of your favorite tribal deck and seeing how it goes. You may be surprised how it turns out. Unless you love goblins. Then you’re probably better off not using him.

Happy brewing!

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