Omnath, Locus of Rage

Omnath, Locus of Rage is one of my favorite commander decks to play. If left alone for longer than a turn, it can get out of hand extremely fast. It also can recover relatively well from a board wipe. Who doesn’t like chucking elementals at opponent’s faces constantly?

Elementals (and Shapeshifters)

First off, if you read Omanth you’ll notice that he likes Lands and he likes Elementals. If he or an elemental dies he will throw 3 damage to any creature or player, so you clearly want lots of lands and elementals. So I must say some of these choices are obvious to many people, but let’s go over them anyway and then start digging into some cards to use with good ol’ Omnath. I’m not going to talk about any Shapeshifters since none of them that are in his colors do anything along the lines of synergy, they are just good to have due to their Changeling ability, so you can use them at your own discretion.

Elementals that kill themselves:

The hasty and volatile Elementals that are Ball Lightning, Spark Elemental, Hellspark Elemental, and Crater Elemental turn into Lightning Bolts upon death. Quite scary if you ask me.

Of course that’s just a few of probably 20+ elementals that only like to stay in play for a short period of time. That’s where Omnath wants to be: on the battlefield with a rotating list of elementals. He turns Ball Lightning into a 3x Lightning Bolt. He makes Spark Elemental and Hellspark Elemental into a Lightning Bolt at minimum. Just keep in mind the elemental needs to die because there are plenty of them that exile themselves at the end of turn.

The short-lived elemental strategy is better for a smaller group of people. There are more efficient ways of getting damage thrown around with Omnath, but I wanted to include them for those players who have a smaller than 4 playgroup.

Elementals With Evoke

Evoke was a mechanic that allowed you to get one-off effects from Elementals entering the battlefield. These were effects that were basically just enter the battlefield versions of popular cards. Briarhorn, Glarewielder, Ingot Chewer, Spitebellows, and Walker of the Grove are all good examples.

The key thing about Evoke is that the creature is sacrificed once it enters the battlefield, meaning Omanth sees the elemental die. So the ones I’ve listed cover a good chunk of existing Evoke elementals in Omnath’s colors. These ones have the most relevant abilities in my opinion. Briarhorn is a Giant Growth for 2 CMC; Glarewielder and Spite Bellows can remove dangerous blockers; Ingot Chewer can destroy a pesky artifact; and Walker of the Grove can give you twice the firepower for Omnath. Pair them with Panharmonicon and you can make that Evoke potentially even more worth it.

Other General Purpose Elementals

Elemental tribal cards can also help us here. These cards can amplify our Elemental capabilities ever so slightly. Flamekin Harbinger, Incandescent Soulstoke, and Rockslide Elemental all have extremely relevant abilities in our deck.

You can obviously find plenty more general purpose dudes that have the “Elemental” creature type, so to spare you from being bored I’ll just list 3 of the ones I think would be awesome to see in an Omnath deck. Flamekin can tutor up elementals; Soulstoke is a lord that let’s you play any elemental for just 2 mana and then kills them at the end of turn for Omnath’s death trigger; Rockslide loves creatures dying in general, which you may already see is a common thread in the deck.

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Enter the Battlefield Damage

So I’ve covered elementals dying and how it’s a good thing but what about the part where they enter the battlefield? Well Purphoros, God of the Forge and Impact Tremors have you covered. Purphoros is already a popular commander, especially for token strategies, but since Omnath is green you can’t run Omnath in a Purphoros deck. Obviously we just switch the roles and we’re good to go! A common pairing with these two is Panharmonicon. Well, Panharmonicon is a common pairing with most decks to be fair.

These effects turns your landfall trigger into a 5/5 elemental and damage to opponents in small chunks. If you need something a bit more impressive, Where Ancients Tread demands your attention. It turns your landfall into 5 damage anywhere! Still not good enough? Try Warstorm Surge. It turns your landfall trigger into 5 (or more if a lord is present) damage to any creature or player. These enchantments make a big impact to something as simple as playing a land.

Big and Efficient Attackers

Need to get those 5/5 elementals in for some damage or just make them larger? Maybe them dying and dealing 3 damage just doesn’t cut it. Craterhoof Behemoth have you covered. Craterhoof is already a popular sweeper in many Commander decks and is pretty self-explanatory so no explanation needed. End-Raze Forerunners is a more budget friendly version that only gives +2/+2, but gains vigilance, so make sure you’re aware of that. Speaking of Vigilance, Sight of the Scalelord is an amazing Enchantment for this deck giving our 5/5 Elementals Vigilance and +2/+2. The Caterwauling Boggart, while not an Elemental, is pretty straight forward as well. He gives your Elementals Menace meaning they’re harder to block the more you have, which I guess is true for many circumstances but 2 Elementals would require 4 blockers which may or may not be easy depending on the opponent. And other lords like Boartusk Liege shouldn’t be left out of the conversation either.

All the Lands!

And of course what landfall deck isn’t complete without Scapeshift? Another popular card that can present a huge swing in momentum on your end. Sacrifice 6 lands and get 6 more! Omanth would be proud. Nissa, Worldwaker does effectively the same thing if you can get her ultimate to go off except she doesn’t limit your number of lands: you do. She’s 100% contingent upon how many basic lands you run in your deck. Once you get her to ultimate you can swing the game in your favor nearly instantly because even if someone drops a Wrath of God or Day of Judgment, Omnath has your covered.

On top of these, you can run just about any ramp spell like Rampant Growth and it won’t feel like a dead card when you already have 7 or 8 lands on the battlefield. I’d highly suggest Explosive Vegetation-like cards where you tutor more than one land, but this portion of the deck is entirely up to you.

Don’t forget to run a few cards that let you play multiple lands as well. Nothing beats a 5/5 per turn like two 5/5s per turn. Mina and Denn, Wildborn, Rites of Flourishing, Wayward Swordtooth, and Ghirapur Orrery all should be considered for this deck.

Sacrifice Outlets

Maybe no one is going to wrath your creatures in fear of the damage it will ensue. That’s okay because all you need to do is just sacrifice the crap out of them! There are plenty more ways to sacrifice your Elementals so again I don’t want to bore you with an extensive list. Seething Pathblazer could grow to be huge and then you just Fling him at someone. Altar of Dementia mills opponents so be careful there if someone is running reanimation. Ashnod’s Altar ramps your mana a bit if you haven’t already done that. Goblin Bombardment creates more damage to throw around for killing off your Elementals.

Other Ideas

Blasting Station

This is a personal favorite of mine. It’s similar to Goblin Bombardment except it requires you to tap it. Luckily, it untaps whenever a creature enters the battlefield under your control. There’s definitely some infinite combos that can be created from (which you can read about here), but for now you can look at it as “Sac an elemental, deal 4 damage, play a land, untap Station, sac an elemental, deal 4 more damage” and that’s a fun little loop that I won’t complain about.

Maybe you’re not wanting to go cutthroat with Omnath and want to be a bit more diplomatic while killing your opponents. Well never fear! Roil Elemental isn’t in our colors so instead we’ll play Confusion in the Ranks and get a very similar effect. Play a land: swap 2 permanents that share a type. This can get interesting since your opponents can benefit from this too but just keep in mind that you can effectively give them a 5/5 for something like their Commander or their huge creature. It can definitely make for more interactive games and less linear games.

Ever wanted to make sure you draw all the right cards but don’t want to play blue? Cream of the Crop has you covered. It turns your landfall trigger into a Scry 5. It isn’t fully Scry 5 though since you pick 1 of the 5 to put on top of your deck and the rest go to the bottom so be careful using it since you could lose one of your threats.

Is your 5/5 elemental too bland? Equip it with Dead-Iron Sledge and turn it into a deadly blocker or attacker! Dead-Iron Sledge kills whatever the elemental blocks or has become blocked by and it also kills the elemental giving you 3 damage to throw around anywhere you want.

Omnath is a fun commander that is quite upset and, dare I say, raging. Your opponents will think twice about letting you play lands on your turn and will definitely regret letting you untap with him in play. Until next time, happy brewing!

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